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Youth Entrepreneurship

At 16 years old, Jaylen is the CEO of The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group. He tells his story, a true motivation, to youth audiences around the world on how he started at the young age of 12. His story, his journey, his success, is truly a motivation to those those who hear it.

Youth Empowerment

Age is simply a number, and Jaylen’s success at only 16 years of age, is a clear image of that statement. His talk shows that with dedication, and a willingness to take risks, no matter the age, you can achieve anything you put your mind on.

Dreaming Big

Jaylen understands how powerful a dream is. He’s adapted his understanding of “Dreaming Big” in correlation with a GPS and your destination to encourage aspirations among audience members worldwide.

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Jaylen Bledsoe

Who is this guy?

Jaylen Bledsoe Headshot

Motivation, perseverance, good old fashioned hard work, and the willingness to take risks, fall down, get back up, and do it again have made Jaylen D. Bledsoe an amazing entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and technical prodigy at the young age of 16 years.

His journey and success actually began at 12 years of age when he started his own Information Technology Consulting business called Bledsoe Technologies, LLC. With a dream and $100, he began marketing his technology services, and within two years he had 150 contractors working for him. The scope of services his company provides is vast and includes brand development consulting. The clients he works with include Jordin Sparks and Steve Harvey.

Knowing the importance of building a solid brand, Jaylen Bledsoe began re-branding his company just a few months ago, and took it from Bledsoe Technologies, LLC located in Saint Louis, Missouri to The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group. His expertise and success is multifaceted and includes start-up businesses, brand & business development, Venture Capital Funding, direct marketing platform development and implementation, entrepreneurship, and increasing revenue streams.

Outside of his daily business practices, Jaylen D. Bledsoe is also a motivational speaker for various groups around the globe. He brings enlightenment, wit, comedic humor, and moving stories to his audiences young and old. He has been featured keynote speaker for Disney Dreamers Academy, NSBE, Junior Achievement, Steve Harvey Mentoring Program, Stanford, Google, and Facebook just to name a few. Jaylen has spoken to over 25,000 people around the world from youth to senior citizens – sharing his inspiration, award winning attitude, and down to earth stories about how to be successful in this journey of navigating life.


Don't let your Setback, cause you to Sitback, Prepare for your Comeback!

Jaylen D. Bledsoe

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