My First Website

JaylenforPresidentWebsiteSnapShotToday I was “Googling” my name to check for my current websites SEO and to see how many pages I have to myself.  I actually have well over 10 pages, that have something to do with me. But besides the amount of Google Pages I have,  I found my first website in the Google Search. The website is located here!

I built this website on the Platform for free back in 2009 or 2010. Looking at the website, I can see that my abilities have greatly strengthened since switching to full HTML 5 coding and not that Drag n’ Drop Program that & many other sites offer. With me working on the Webs Platform, I was able to easily create a forum based website that allowed for easy discussions. On the front page it says this:

Thanks for visiting On this Site Students of Hazelwood west will be able to veiw and discuss about what you want to change at Hazelwood West Middle. Also Contact me about any questions you have.

During the period of Web 2.0 this was actually an interesting and eye-attracting design. The website was a key feature to my Student Council President Election as having a website was a “Big Thing” to have. Having an election in 2012, would have needed more than a simple website, maybe a iOS/Android App or even major Social Media Campaigning. Well, an iOS or Android App may be a little too much for the average Middle School Student Council Presidential Candidate!


Have you ever tried Googling yourself?



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