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Today, many students participate in Facebook profiles created for the purpose of bullying. Based on the descriptions of these pages, they’re for public “joaning” and/or “Setting out” another person. After studying these pages, I have realized that they’re created as a Facebook Profile by a student of that school and are private unless you request to “friend” this account. The Facebook profiles are named according to the school, most often with the word set out after it (ex. Hidden Valley Middle School Set-out page.) To some, these pages are absolutely fun, but to some they’re absolutely disgusting and pitiful.

Over winter break, I was in the car with my good friend Toby and his mom. After discussing for a while on how horrible these pages were, we all felt the need for counter pages, such as a “Compliment” page. After a week of looking on the internet for an unsurpassed compliment profile, I came across a MICDS Compliments Facebook profile, operated/created by a fellow student at Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School. This Facebook profile is one of few in the St. Louis area, and I was more than amazed.

I sent a message to the unidentified owner telling him/her how awesome they are for having the page. I looked at the page’s description, and I found the following:

Following the model of a social project that was originally started by students at Queen’s University, MICDS Compliments aims to spread joy to the MICDS Community. Simply inbox a compliment or a message of appreciation that you may have about a member of the MICDS community, and have it published here anonymously.

So if there is something nice you have to say about someone but don’t feel comfortable saying it to their face, inbox away. Your name will be kept anonymous. Keep in mind that hateful or rude remarks will be completely disregarded.

Friend this page, and you’ll be tagged when you get a compliment.

Share the Love!

Immediately after seeing posts like the statuses below, I decided to write a blog post immediately.

************ is so hot. He’s probably the cause for global warming.
******* is so pretty, and nice. She knows how to be a great friend, and an amazing person.
********* doesn’t realize just how absolutely amazing she is.

I told the anonymous profile owner about the blog post, and (s)he a statement on why he started the page. His/her statement aligns with the MICDS Honor Code in terms of it discussing Respect and Compassion.

His/Her Statement

I started the page because there is so much malice and slander on the Internet due to the ability to remain anonymous and alone on the Internet. I wanted to take that anonymity and turn it around to be something good, something worth sharing on the web. A compliment can have a profound effect on people, and I love how close our community is and hearing the nice things people have to say.

MICDS Honor Code:

As a member of the MICDS community, I stand for what is good and right. Therefore, I resolve to act with respect, responsibility, honesty, and compassion.


I give much appreciation to the owner of this page, and I urge you to keep up the good work! If you want to create a blog feed of compliments, Bledsoe Technologies would be honored to set up a blog and possibly buy “”, free of charge to you.

I can only hope that other schools use this page as an example when they begin to create Facebook or even Twitter profiles for their school.

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