I'm finally 15 – My Declarations or the Year

Jaylen Bledsoe during HEC TV interview, which aired in August 2012.

Wow, it”s been 15 years on this incredible earth. I can do nothing but Thank God for making it as wonderful as it”s been! I know I turned 15 only a few hours ago, but for the last 2 months, I”ve been preparing for this next year. I have spent the last month writing letters and emails as CEO on behalf of Bledsoe Technologies, but I”ve also been making some personal goals. I used the “Positive Thinking” model discussed in a previous writing a few weeks ago.

To my surprise my grandmother purchased a digital copy of Joel Osteen”s I Declare yesterday. I started reading it immediately, and became enthralled at the declarations and examples under the Introduction and Day One Sections.

Joel speaks about how what you are saying is prophesying casino pa natet your future mentioning Proverbs 18:21. I”m turning those personal goals into personal declarations for the next year, the year after that, and for the rest of my life. I have reviewed this last year and my expectations for the next year. At 12 Noon, you can read more about it here: Letter from the CEO

I”m declaring that this is a year of positivity, success, & inspiration. I”m declaring that this is a world changing year. I”m believing to grow myself in ways that are unbelievable and unpredictable. I”m declaring that my relation with my lord and savior only becomes stronger and stronger. I”m believing that I can touch others in ways that I couldn”t last year. I”m declaring that this is a year of prosperity. I”m declaring that this year, no weapons formed against me shall prosper.

In the last days of being 14, the process began the process of being evaluated for depression. So I am currently looking for a therapist to talk to, but I”m in strong belief that prayer is enough to “cure” depression. Prayer and declarations are a cure-all for all my sicknesses, all my situations, and all my storms.

I am declaring that I am not Depressed.

I am declaring that I am not stressed.

I am declaring that I am Blessed.





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  1. Hi Jaylen,

    I touch and agree with you that you are healed and both areas in your life. We are the child
    of the King and he wish above all that we be bountifully blessed and to live and follow his word.
    The Lord will keep you in perfect peace.

    You are a blessed child in the mighty name of Jesus.

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