Letter from the CEO – March 2013

1 Year Anniversary & “We Care” Division and Mission Announcement

On March 10, 2012 my attorney and I sat in his office to review & file our corporate organization documents with Missouri’s Secretary of State’s Office. Under our circumstances at being only 13 years old, it took over a year of meeting with my attorney to draft and create my dream company in a legal matter. Over this last year, I have seen my dream plus more come true through Bledsoe Technologies, LLC.

Throughout this year, we have done some amazing things. When this company was founded originally in 2011 as a sole proprietorship, our primary focus was to provide excellent designs and web developments to our clients. In March of 2012, we continued with this mission, making our secondary focus the deployment of cloud solutions, such as Google Apps, Office365, and IBM Smart Cloud. Later in 2012, our Board of Advisors and I decided to add a Tertiary Focus to our mission, offering Hardware and Software support to our clients.

These additions to our mission targeted more established small to medium businesses that needed more ongoing services, that in turn increase our revenue and profit-margins. As we continued to attract bigger clients, I decided that web development and design was not our primary and biggest revenue provider. In fact, these services were at the bottom of our charts in terms of revenue. For a period of 3 months, I started research on the average revenue and profit in the Information Technology Industry. After completing research, I determined that changes were needed to be made to our Corporate Mission.

Today, March 26, 2013, Bledsoe Technologies is focused on providing:

I. IT Consultations

II. Sales, Support and Deployment of Cloud Solutions to Small – Medium sized Corporations

III. Support and Deployment of Business Hardware and Software

As our corporation is changing its primary mission, Web Design and Development will continue to be provided as requested. Bledsoe Technologies will not use any funding to market Web D&D in the future.

In coordination with these mission changes, we have created partnerships and alliances with major U.S. Corporations, such as Microsoft, Google Enterprises, IBM & Blackberry (formerly known as Research in Motion). Currently, advisory board members and myself are looking at the possibility of a local alliance with WolfeSys, a St. Louis based Computer Manufacturer. Within this alliance, Bledsoe Technologies will be in par with our tertiary focus, serving as a Warranty Service Provider for hardware and software manufactured or distributed by WolfeSys.

2012 was rich with large clients and strong finances for Bledsoe Technologies. Throughout the year, I received multiple inquiries on taking this company public. I answered most of these inquiries with soon! Due to these inquiries I reached out to many business brokers for informal valuations. These valuations returned numbers from $100,000 to $3,750,000. Hearing these numbers made me highly esteemed, but I wonder if some of these numbers were created because of my extremely young age for a CEO. Well, we’ll soon see, as I hope to be requesting for formal valuations within the next year.


In addition to the accomplishments of this company, our team has worked on the branding of my name as Chief Executive Officer and President of Bledsoe Technologies, LLC. Over the last year, I have been invited to speak as a keynote or introductory speaker at 3 major events, hosted by Herbert Hoover, Junior Achievement, and the Illinois Board of Education. These 3 are only the key events that I have spoken at out of around of 10 events in 2012. With my brand growing as a Successful Young Entrepreneur, I have been invited to speak at many events causing for personal research for management and promotional agencies. Along with in-person branding, through online marketing on both the Twitter and Facebook platforms, I have grown a following of over 100k individuals internationally. After realizing that this following is growing vastly, our Advisory Board requested that I create a sub-marketing site under JaylenBledsoe.com, which shortly became a personal blog. The blog hosted at jaylenbledsoe.com, has over 300 daily views at the time of a new posting, 5% being from other countries.

With my growing brand, I have interacted with many youth who are interested in starting their own businesses but don’t have the resources. So many of the youth have stories similar to mine, and want to create a better future for themselves. This is something that hits close to home for me, and youth entrepreneurship is something that I want to promote on a local, national and international level. Having the passion to promote youth entrepreneurship, I have decided to start an organization to assist in this mission.

Through this organization, local students will apply to join a 2 year entrepreneurial class. Throughout this class, the youth will understand the ins and outs of starting a businesses, accessing funds, running a business and expanding their business. In addition to these broad lessons, each student will be paired with a local entrepreneur or executive in the student’s preferred industry who will be there advisor. Upon completion of this class, I’d like for each student to have an opportunity to receive funding for their start-up through Bledsoe Technologies, a sponsor, or angel investor. My goal is for each student to graduate from their “class” with an understanding of entrepreneurship, having an opportunity to apply and receive funding, build lifelong friendships with other youth entrepreneurs and have a lifelong advisor.

Starting this organization will take further research and development, through our attorney, Advisory Board and myself. When it comes to helping others, I don’t have enough patience to wait a year or two before it’s official. Because of this, I have created the “We Care” division of Bledsoe Technologies, LLC. This division will not do all the things that the organization can and will do such as the Youth Entrepreneurial Classes and direct access to funding, but we will select a few youth to attend a small event with successful entrepreneurs. Within this mission, the students will also be paired with a local entrepreneur or executive in their preferred industry.

As much as I wish we could, Bledsoe Technologies cannot fund this mission and organization entirely. Over the next few months as the plans are developed further, others and I will be in contact with local St. Louis Corporations to receive sponsorships. In addition to Corporate Sponsorships, I hope to host a Charity Golf Tournament for further donations and funding. I declare through God’s Grace that by the 4th Quarter of 2013 this mission will be fully funded and searching for the next Forbes 500 CEOs.

Being so young, there are always things that delay my next step in moving this company further. I have bypassed so many of these delays with your help as a public supporter. I would like to personally thank you for that! You are allowing for us to do extraordinary things locally and globally.

Jaylen D. Bledsoe
Chief Executive Officer and President
Bledsoe Technologies, LLC

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