How I Use Twitter


For over the last year, I’ve been building my brand through a Social Media campaign. Since beginning my campaign, I’ve focused on building my twitter following which has grown to over 50,000 people and companies.

Twitter has been more of a professional networking site, such as LinkedIn that assists me in connecting with Celebrity Brands and Executives. As many people, especially youth, don’t have over 10,000 followers on twitter I receive a lot more attention if I tweet a Celebrity because they see that I have a substantial following.  They think that I am some type of Celebrity, just not as mainstream and well, not verified. 

Long ago, I would use Twitter for venting problems, but I quickly realize that most celebrities don’t want to follow that. They want to follow signs of success, or someone on the road to success.

I now stand out from the crowd.

I can now reply to  celebrities tweets, and receive a direct reply.

These celebrities and executives, could in a position to mentor me in building my personal and corporate brand.

Twitter has been that one boost for building my connections. In addition to Twitter, I have:

Over 1,000 likes on Facebook


Over 500 professional connections on LinkedIn

I can only hope that these milestones are just the beginning, and that there is much more growth in the future.



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  1. Congratulations, Jaylen on your many accomplishments and successes. You are an inspiration to us all and even me at my age (not telling). Continue to reach for greater heights in your entrepreneurial endeavors as well as your educational endeavors and I am hoping that some of your entrepreneurial spirit rubs off on my two sons (I’m praying).God Bless You!

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