Dear Businesses (In times of a Government Shutdown) – Short Post

Dear Businesses, Creditors, and potential employers,

As it seems that our government, the Democrats and Republicans, are unable to compromise on our budget, our government is shut down. Because of this stubbornness on both isles, many federal government employees are currently not receiving paychecks, either because their department is shut down or they’re on Furlough until a CR is determined.

This leaves many Federal employees looking to figure out how they’re going to pay this months car note, mortgage, or even put food on their tables for their children. As businesses, it appears that we’re going to have to make up for their negligence in a CR. In doing this, we’ll need to show leniency to these employees in this period of time.

We’ll need to work with them on delaying their bills, until this is resolved. In the chance that this Government Shutdown lasts for more than a week or two, let’s offer these employees temporary positions. Let’s give them an opportunity to pay their bills during this period. In the next week, we (Bledsoe Technologies, LLC) will offer freelance web development and design contracts to those affected, who are qualified.

We understand, that this is not their faults.

They weren’t fired… They didn’t quitOur Government, their employer, failed on them.


Jaylen Bledsoe, CEO & President
Bledsoe Technologies, LLC



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  1. Great post Jaylen! I think what you have here is a great idea. Let’s hope that this issue gets sorted out as quickly as possible!

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