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Jaylen’s story has impacted millions of lives around the globe, and thousands have been motivated directly by his words on stage. His knowledge has increased the revenues of companies around the world who’ve brought Jaylen in to work with their sales and marketing teams. You now have the opportunity to bring Jaylen D. Bledsoe in to speak on a stage with your employees, customers, or members.


When you’re preparing to go on a vacation with your family, do you use an old fashioned map, or one of those cool pieces of technology called a “GPS”? If you’re anything like me, it’s probably a GPS app on your phone, either Apple Maps, Google Maps, or Waze.

In this talk, I will dissect GPS mentality, identify success stories that follow the “Dream, Implement, Recalculate, Success” framework. The GPS doesn’t look at where you’ve been, only where you’re going. Don’t let your setback, cause you to sit-back, prepare for your comeback.”

As a classroom teacher in the 21st century, you are caught in a difficult position. You’re battling between what’s in the best interest of your student, or rushing through standardized material, in hopes 60% of your students memorize it before May. Your district is pushing you through different educational fads, year-to-year with no time to truly implement. So much change, you’re focused on achieving annual metrics rather than seeing each individual student achieve, or even having enough time to establish a relationship with them. 

I’ve been the student who’s benefited from the relationship between a teacher and myself in a gifted classroom, but also a student who’s suffered due to the “one-size fits all approach”. I wasn’t suffering in the sense that I was lost in the material. I was lost, left in boredom, comprehending the material way to quickly as the teacher only taught in one way to every student. So this worked for the average kid, where technically, the average kid doesn’t exist. I was one day away from being a High School dropout before deciding to complete my senior year, all-in one day online.

While Tesla’s have evolved to 21st century needs, from the Ford Model T, the classrooms have not changed a bit. Through my personal experiences & insights, interviews with education disrupters, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, each chapter will present a different ideology for your classroom. We’re breaking the box, and the classroom.

Welcome to a classroom, like you’ve never experienced before.

  • Diversity in the Workplace
  • Diversity in Academics
  • Raising an Entrepreneur (For Parents: From a Child’s Perspective)
  • Fireside Chat/Conversations With Jaylen
  • Diversity Conversations with Young Adults (Workshop)
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