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Apple still innovating?

Apple still innovating?

Apple adds 1 thing to their technology, and it’s a brand new phone! Apples releases this new phone, and the Apple Fans go wild!

Why is this?

I have absolutely no idea. Personally, I feel that Apple is just the best at marketing to their targeted users!

Being technologically savvy, I always want the best mobile OS out there. This is why I’ve moved from Android to Blackberry. I wanted the phone with the absolute best features…

I could honestly care less about price.

(This is why I do not really understand the Iphone 5C (“C” for cheap).

Honestly, the iPhones have been lacking on this little thing I call Innovation.


Look at other phones…

For example, I have Time Shift on my Blackberry Z10. This allows me to take 1 picture and the change individual faces within it. This helps dramatically if someone blinks or yawns during the picture.

Look at Samsung, and Blackberry using NFC (Near Field Communication). With the tap of a finger, you can share a picture with someone, or pay for products at your local gas station.

Or how HTC, Nokia, and LG are utilizing Wireless charging. Think about how easy this would make charging your iPhone. (Apple would never do this, simply because you can’t be forced to buy a new charger when you lose it.)

Yes, I see Apple has added TouchID. I give them my utmost respect for this addition, but it’s only 1 thing.


When is Apple going to go back and innovate like they used to? I would honestly be an Apple “Fanboy” if they were leading innovators, like they were in the beginning of iOS. This is why I’m experimenting with other OS’ such as Blackberry 10, and soon the Windows 8 Mobile OS.


Do you think Apple is still Innovating, or just pushing “new” product out to please consumers? What are your thoughts on this? 
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  • Great article Jaylen! Only one thing though: I’m a diehard Apple fanboy, so I have to say that I think the phones are well made. Sure, the Blackberry and Android devices are nifty with all of the little features in them, but there is a point where all of that is too much. I like the iPhones because of the simplicity of them. It looks very clean, especially with the addition of the new iOS, iOS7.

    Just my two cents!


  • You only mention one feature as your reason for liking your blackberry unless I missed something. Is that not the point you make as to why Apple did not innovate?

    Also, did you take that picture of the iPhone fingerprint screen yourself? Don’t forget to cite your source if you did not. It would be a bummer to have that silly issue derail you.

    Overall, great stuff with your blog. Keep advocating as you are for deep conversations. Good luck with your future opportunities.

  • Im sorry but both Android and Blackberry’s OS’s are so ugly, when ordinary people downloaded iOS7 they all commented on how cool/awesome it looked. UI/UX is just as powerful as the acctual functionality and power of a device from my observations.

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