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4 Steps to Finish the Year Strong!

4 Steps to Finish the Year Strong!

Goals are an important part of the way we live, some are written and some are in our minds. Checking off a goal from our list of goals is one of the best feelings in the world, superior to getting an Instagram like. 😂 Depending on when you read this, I’ll set the scene of the environment I’m writing this article in. 

The time is September 2020, and the entire world has battled the COVID-19 Pandemic. Some countries have won, and the US…is well…struggling as a whole. To start the year, we lost Kobe Bryant, and at the end of August, we lost THE Black Panther, Actor Chadwick Bozeman. Oh, plus the immense racial tensions caused by the Murder by the police of George Floyd. There’s honestly a list of things, maybe 50 more that I could list off, but let’s shift the tone. 

Being that its’ September, we have 4 months until we can all virtually gather (thanks to COVID-19) and welcome in 2021, praying that it’s different in vast comparison to 2020. Since we have 4 months left in 2020, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking and processing how we could bring this year to a strong closing with wins despite the tumultuousness we’ve experienced so far. 

Reassess Goals

Many of us prepared for 2020 with the whole “2020 vision — best year of our lives so far” mentality, or at least I did. We set goals of doubling revenue, finding spouses, losing 25lbs, and the reality of the year made a lot of that extremely difficult. 

To be honest, I didn’t even set a weight loss goal, but I lost 18lbs in a little over a month during a fast that I committed to. That’s an irrelevant point, but I’m a bit proud of that fact because I had no idea I had 18lbs to even lose. 

Considering it was honestly just impossible to hit a lot of our goals potentially due to our environment’s reality this year, we can feel a little “defeated” that we won’t be able to check off most of our list of goals. However, the great thing is that we can pull out a new piece of paper or a new word document, read our original plans, and set new goals based on what we feel is possible. Goals don’t have to concrete; they can be fluid to adapt to environmental impacts beyond our control. 

Now, that’s not all we’ll do to finish the year strong, but by setting the foundation here, believing that we can hit our goals gives us the strength and energy to give our all to everything else! 

Action Plan

We have our goals established for the remainder of the year, so this next layer is relatively simple. Create a plan for achieving those goals! I can never write out each step I’ll take to achieve a goal, because honestly, for many goals, that’d be impossible. However, I will write out the first few steps that I’ll take to build the momentum needed so that I’m at the point of “i’m moving fast enough towards the goal that I won’t stop.”


We need something to celebrate this year, so I’ve had to be extremely intentional about finding wins, whether super big or incredibly small. Every success is a little more gas back in the vehicle’s tank, getting you to the rest of the year’s set goals. 

Live Life

As I think about the graduation of life in Chadwick Bozeman, one thing rings loudly, no matter how bad the year is, we need to be living our life to the fullest we can take every moment. Find every experience and opportunity to both smile, and put a smile on the face of someone else. Be selfishly happy, and selflessly intentional about making others happy. Don’t continue a life of doing anything or being with anyone that you wouldn’t feel fulfilled if this was your last day with breath in your lungs. 

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