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5 Key Habits for Success

5 Key Habits for Success

Often, I’m asked what habits I have that are responsible for my success, so I thought I’d give you what I THINK are my 5 top habits for success!

Relationship with God

First off, it’s finding my rooting and humbleness in my relationship with God. I spend time with God every day, sometimes it might be 30 minutes, or it might be 3 hours. I believe that God is my rock, my provider, and my strength. Everything that I have ever done has been allowed and directed by him. Now honestly, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t like how much I lead with my faith. But guess what, this faith is what got me to where I am. 

Commitment to Structure & Schedule

I always say if it doesn’t hit my calendar, it won’t happen. For me, productivity starts with having a clear plan written down, and time allocated to complete that plan. Calendaring meetings is NOT enough, it’s critical to me that my team and I all schedule time to actually complete tasks. Otherwise, we’ll find ourselves in meetings all day long without a plan or time in mind to complete the tasks that have come from those meetings. That makes the meetings…pointless, right? If none of the follow-up tasks are actually done. 


I know many people find value in “routine,” but I invest in prioritizing; whatever that means for the day, week, or month. Schedule what needs to be done, and get it done. Anchoring in priority versus “routine” allows our companies collectively and myself individually to be agile. Having the ability to quickly pivot when it makes sense, versus rooted in a routine might not be productive or even meet the priorities we have set. 

ABL – Always be Learning. 

I’m an avid believer that a mind stretched never returns to its original size. And the MOMENT we stop learning, the harder it becomes to learn again. I’m no doctor, but I spent a tad bit of time growing familiar with Neuroplasticity or “brain plascitiy,” Ultimately, it’s our brain’s ability to “make” new connections. This is a bad example. But as long as I’m moving playdough around, it’ll keep that moldability, but once I’ve let it sit out, it becomes rigid in its current form. 

Surrounding Myself with Like-minded People

I’m not the guy to consider everyone a “friend.” Honestly, for me, it’s just a bunch of associates and a few actual friends. Then I have a group that is very likeminded in business, building, hustling, growing. Either on the path ahead of me or behind in the same direction. It’s so important to surround yourself around people who are on the same things as you are. This is why I launched the Founders Circle. So Founders could connect with Founders and talk about the wins and challenges of being a founder.

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