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Announcing Founders Circle: STAYING Series

Announcing Founders Circle: STAYING Series

Like so many around the world, I’m stuck in my home, figuring out how to create moments of normalcy. Turning on CNN or any of the national news stations gives an update on the state of Coronavirus in the world or how to protect me from it. However, no one has focused on mental health needs; certainly, any sense of normalcy is gone.

Despite already having a ton of experience working from my home office, I struggled the first week of quarantine to be productive. I quickly learned this was because I was wearing my robe all day long… So when I actually got up and put on clothes, I found myself getting much more work being done in the first hour of being up.

The experts aren’t speaking on staying productive, creative, sane, fit, or any of that while we’re stuck in quarantine. So I wanted to start a conversation first with my friends on how they’re creating some level of normalcy.

I’m launching and hosting a series called STAYING, that’ll be LIVE here on my website and a few social media platforms. As always, I know I have to design things with a definite end date in mind, so we’re going to do this every Thursday in April at 4PM PST / 7PM EST.

We’re kicking it off this Thursday with my friends Kimberly Douglas and Erick Hercules.

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