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Blessing to Motivate

Blessing to Motivate

In light of recent media attention, I’ve been so busy speaking on the company and not thanking someone who should be thanked. I’d like to thank my Lord and Savior. Without him, I would be no where. He’s given me the blessing to have the company and profound success, but to also be a motivation to others.


Over the last few years, I’ve been able to motivate that kid,

who smokes weed all day, to go and learn about entrepreneurship.

who plays video games all day, to go and learn how to develop his own video game. 

who’s considered a nerd at school, and is bullied.

Often, my peers will say that I’m so lucky to do what I do, or how they wish they could do the same. Every time that I’ve heard this phrase, I get a sense of pride, knowing that I’ve had the opportunity to motive my peers.


Here’s just a few motivational words for you to share.

Age is nothing but a number, don’t let this prolong your dreams

Your past does not limit your future, but expands your knowledge on how to make your future great.

Success is not calculated on the amount of likes you receive on an Instagram picture, but is defined by the amount of internal pride created by your accomplishments.

Find a skill of yours, and go master it!

I started my company at 12 years old, with little to no money, and look at where we are today!

Go visit my interview at St. Louis’ Fox Station.

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  • Thank you for letting your light shine. I’ve read this post to my entire family and you have motivated us all. Keep up the great work and may God continually bless you.

  • CONGRATS again Jaylen!!! I am happy for you, proud of you, and loving how you see the “big picture” with your efforts to encourage other kids to get out there and do something great. Keep it up young man!

  • Am touched and humbled by your words. I have a deep feeling that starting my journey of personal action and ignoring my excuses would go a long way in helping me accomplish my dream. You are a great inspiration to me. Am grateful for the opportunity to learn from you. Comgrats for the good work done. Have a blessed day Jaylen.

  • Stay in prayer young man! I am grateful to have such a great role model for my young children to learn something from in their journey!

  • You are indeed awesome Jaylen! You inspired the young and the old. Thank you for giving God the praise. You are correct; without Him no of what you have accomplished would be possible. May God continue to add to you!

  • I came across the article the Huffington Post wrote about you and you are an amazing young man! Thank you for being a positive remodel I can have my son look up to and an inspiration to all of today’s youth!

  • It’s such an awesome thing to see a young successful entrepreneur . Please take a moment to check out when you get a chance. God placed this vision upon my heart and I have accepted. Eternal Book of Life is the first place online where people can accept Jesus as their Eternal Savior and begin to develop spiritually.


  • You are truly an example of what a person can accomplish if they follow their passion, take a risk, have faith and never give up. As you’ve heard many times already… you are an inspiration to many both young and old. You are correct….God has blessed you with a great gift. All thanks and praise indeed does go to him. I am wishing many more years of continued success for you and may God continue to bless you with wisdom as you continue on your life journey.


  • Contrary to popular belief, entrepreneurship is a spiritual practice and you’re a perfect example of this. Keep letting Spirit lead your path. You not only inspire your peers, but adults as well. Continued success!;o)-

  • When I came across your story I was very impressed. Please keep up the good work and may God continue to bless you in your endeavors.

  • I am at Chicago State University and I am President of the Umoja Club and a Senator so I know what you did took hard Work, dedication, Focus, Creative Ability, Patience so I salute you as a young intelligent, righteous, Soldier for positive and progressive action.

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