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A Dream is Needed

A Dream is Needed

I was recently walking down the hallway at school , when I saw a poster that said,

A Dream

+ Hard Work

= Success

I immediately began to think about, if I’ve ever had success without a dream…

Later that evening, I heard a radio personality say that,”Dreams don’t have to stop when you get out of bed.” Seeing that poster and hearing the radio personality talk about dreaming, really made me realize something. Without a dream, we aren’t working towards anything. Let’s look at back at some of your accomplishments from 2013:

  • You married that beautiful/handsome spouse of yours… Well, that was your dream, right?
  • You received that promotion at work… Well, didn’t you dream about that one day?
  • And that new Rolls Royce you bought… I’m sure you dreamed about that, right? Or maybe you’re still dreaming!

Every piece of success, that we have ever had, is thanks to a dream we’ve had. When you dream, you’re preparing your mind to achieve a goal. Think of your brain as a GPS. You have to enter the destination, YOUR DREAM, so it can begin to calculate a path, YOUR PLAN, to getting there. What happens if you don’t have a destination in your GPS? It simply shows where you are, at the moment, not where you’re going. It’s not giving you directions to go anywhere, right?

What if Dr. Martin Lr. King Jr., didn’t have a dream for equality in our nation? His GPS didn’t just say, Currently living with DISCRIMINATION

it said, currently living with  DISCRIMINATION, going towards EQUALITY.

After reading this, I want for you to go Dream and set the Destination for your GPS. I hope to see your GPS calculating the route for your success soon Remember that there is no destination without a dream… Your DREAM, is your DESTINATION.

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  • Hey Jaylen, I believe your right…

    My name is Shaka Ruddock, and im a scientist and a developer and i have a dream as well, this could change alot of things and i need some advice and would love if you emailed me.

  • Hey Jaylen my name is Shaka.
    I think you are absolutely right witch is why i am reaching out. I’m a 19yr scientist and a developer, and have been developing some (code) for a while that might change a lot of things in a industry relative to us. So my mom showed me who you where today and I looked over your work and I think you are an outstanding young man.
    I was looking for some advice because I have a dream as-well and I work on it every single day from 6am to 3am and i believe your insight might help.

    contact me at [email protected]

  • Hey Jaylen my name is Shaka
    & I believe your right, which is exactly why i am reaching out…I’m a 19 yr scientist and developer and I have been working on something for a while now (code) that could change a lot of things in or relative industry.
    So my mom showed me who you where today and I think your an outstanding young man so I was hoping I can get some advice because I have a dream as well that I work on every day from 3am to 6am & i believe that you would actually like it.

    so please contact me for more details at: [email protected]

    PS. The first message was submitted on accident

  • You have been given a great gift by God and he is taking to incredible places. What you dream is most likely too small for him, so instead he will make you even greater than what you can possibly imagine. Keep doing the wonderful work brother. God bless!

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