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You’ll never fail again after this…

You’ll never fail again after this…

I was in LA this week and had a crazy encounter with a comedic uber driver named Eric. He told me something life-changing, and what he told me…is a way to never fail again. Enjoy this video, and let me know your thoughts.

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  • Hi Jaylen,
    I want to congratulate you on your achievements at such a young age .
    I started an IT company back in 2014 and I feel like i’m stuck and I can’t move forward business wise.
    At the moment its just me doing all work, customer service and accounting .
    My goal its to be able to eventually when busier hire a few techs (contractors?) to take my company to the next level.
    Can you give me any advice ?

  • Great insight. Well being terrified to speak in front of a crowd has been one of my biggest fear of failure. I find that if i don’t think to hard about my short coming and just do it. It works wonder’s if i can overcoming self doubt in the mind..

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