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Favor in Your Life


My words can release supernatural favor in your life? Let’s try this:

You look beautiful today.
You’re gonna be a model.
You have the mindset of a successful individual.
You you remind me of Bill Gates.

Come back in 5 years, and tell me how that worked. I believe that my positivity or someone else’s in your live, will take you far.

You maybe some seeking approval from someone right now. Well, look no farther:

God Accepts and loves you!
Jesus accepts and loves you!

I mean what other acceptance and love do you need? I was always told if God be with me, then who or what can be against me.

When god loves you, no weapon shall ever prosper no matter who the enemy is.



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    Jaylen, the fact that you know this concept at a young age is more powerful than having the company because it will through the tough times. I just read about your story on MSN. Keep on giving your best. Go to Cal, and not Vanderbilt! You’ll be a step away from Silicon Valley.

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    Very inspiring Jaylen. Even though I am not as young as you are I find your drive and attitude to be good medicine for all ages. Keep on using what the Lord has given you to the best of your ability.

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    I find you to be a spiritual and open being that God has truly blessed. I pray that his blessing continue to flow but I also want to thank your parents for being a blessing and support in your life.


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