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Finding Your Challenge


Two of the biggest mistakes we can make in life are being content with where we are, and sitting way too comfortable. I’ve come to understand that we aren’t progressing if there isn’t a challenge.

In the video, I dissect a quote from Neale Donald Walsch, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. In it’s essence, I learned that challenges are the best thing for us in life. I’ve come to understand that we aren’t progressing if there isn’t a challenge. Without a challenge, I often question the legitimacy of my successes.

If we look at the immense growth and achievements of Apple, I personally identify the struggles and challenges of Steve Jobs as the catalyst for where it is today. Steve Job was kicked out of Apple in it’s early years as Founding CEO, leaving him to launch another computer company NeXT. The challenges in the story of Steve Jobs were multi-faceted. He was removed from Apple because of too many failed projects, NeXT ultimately failed because it’s hardware was horrible, but in the end Apple acquired the software division of NeXT putting Steve Jobs back in the driver’s seat.

Let’s look at Steve Jobs’ life as a book, then tear out a few pages-or-a chapter to mimic. If we mimic this chapter, let’s open ourselves up to challenges and failure. Let’s continue with persistence in achieving our dreams, and continue to step outside of our comfort zone.

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    You are an amazing young man. I just listened to your interview with TDJAKES, and I wish I could meet you. You remind me of my son. I have just retired and fulfilled one of my dreams, to release my first gospel solo album. But I am 62 years old. I see myself on stage singing. I just need to take a chance.

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    Was very pleased with what you have said and only wish a lot more of not only the younger generation but some of us old heads as well can learn from you. #stayblessed

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    You are so inspiring! Wonderful
    Enthusiasm to spur people forward! Thanks for being a ‘light” to the world ! God bless you!


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