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Time Warner Cable News: Penfield Race Summit Encourages Teens to Explore Racism, Cultural Diversity


Some local high school students are getting a lesson on race relations. The focus of a student summit in Penfield is to engage teenagers to explore racism and cultural diversity.

For the second time this year, area high schoolers took part in a student summit on race relations.

Ranita Williams is a senior at Penfield High School who helped organize the summit at Shadow Lake. Ranita says candid conversations are a start when it comes to teaching acceptance of others.

“We’re gonna go a little more deeper into it because it’s not just racism, sometimes it’s the racism we don’t think we’re doing,” said Williams.

Leading the conversation and motivating the students is Jaylen Bledsoe from the Gateway 2 Change program. The organization began after the events of Ferguson, Missouri when a black teenager was fatally shot by a white police officer.

Bledsoe called on students to work together to create a community solution. The teens broke off into groups every 20 minutes to share new ideas and individual experiences.

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