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4 Questions to Trump New Year Resolutions

4 Questions to Trump New Year Resolutions

It’s January 9th, 9 days since those New Year Resolutions you set should’ve started. I wanted to check-in and see how those are going?

If you’re anything like 80% of the world, you’ve probably already forgotten what your resolutions were. (I made that statistic up, by the way, but I’m sure it’s true in some skewed measurement.)

I want you to think about this hard, why do you feel the need to start a new year, as a new you? Is it an obligation, because everyone else is telling you about theirs? I want you to stop today, and drop that obligation right this second. If you’re going to talk about a change you’re going to make, then I need for you to do it for yourself.

Is it weight loss? Saving money? Working harder at work? Reading more, because learning never stops? The resolutions you probably have made don’t stop there, that’s just a small sample.

See, these are things you have to want and need to do for yourself. I think a major reason for making New Year Resolutions is the psychological idea that because everyone is making them, as well, their journey will hold you accountable. Identify your goals & tasks for the year then take them on intentionally.

Intentional is something done on purpose. It is deliberate, conscious, and calculated.

Four questions to Live Intentional

Does it make sense? Do your goals for the year, make sense for you?

What’s your “Why”? You’ve identified your goals as making sense, but why are they your goals?

Do you have a smartphone? Set an appointment on the calendar every time, you’d plan to complete this new task. Set multiple reminders on this appointment block.

Do you have friends or family who have the same goals? Partner with a friend or family member to be each other’s accountability partner.


As I write this, I recognize a conversation needed on Living Intentionally with Finances. This would cover the idea of savings, and financial goals. I’m not sure when it’ll drop, but stay tuned!

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