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BlackBerry 10 Expectations

BlackBerry 10 Expectations


If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook, then you know I”ve been developing for the new BlackBerry 10 OS since late 2012. The story behind me becoming a developer for BB10 is pretty amazing.

One day after seeing different articles about the new OS, I wrote a tweet to @BlackberryDevs stating that I”d love a prototype device to develop on, and within days I had a tracking number for the “Dev Alpha B”.

It was an absolutely amazing device. I wrote about the Developers Device earlier this year. You can read it here: Blackberry Dev Alpha B

Using the Dev Alpha B, I was able to complete a ton a BB10 apps such as an Enterprise Help Desk App for Bledsoe Technologies and a series of Android Ports. Completing these apps, I qualified for a Free Verizon Z10 Device.

After waiting weeks, I have finally received my Verizon Zed10 phone, and I am in love with it. I ditched my Droid RAZR the minute I picked it up from FedEx. Right out of the box, the phone was ready to go. When the phone turned on, I gained the ultimate power of a Blackberry User.

Since using this device, I have pretty high expectations. I can honestly see this device being a top 2 device in the US Markets with proper exposure and corporate marketing.

For many years, BlackBerry (Research In Motion) had most of its sales from Corporate America as BlackBerry presented the highest productivity and security to its users. It won”t be hard for BlackBerry to get back on top because many corporations still have their legacy Blackberries, and depending on their take on the new OS, millions of devices should be upgraded to this new platform.

If the businesses don”t upgrade devices just because of what they”ve seen, they will after they use the device for a day or two.

Thorsten Heins, you may want to send a device or two to all the Fortune 500 Companies.

Even though BlackBerry is known to be used by the executives, this new platform is fit for users of all professions and ages. I can”t even tell you how many of my “15 year old” peers have stated that they want this phone now. I have a close friend who actually entered into a Z10 contest that he actually won. Come the end of this week, he”ll be rocking a beautiful AT&T BlackBerry Z10.

Do I see BlackBerry taking over the Apple Market?

Yes, I do. Not only are general iPhone users moving to the BlackBerry Market now, but the US Department of Defense has decided to move forward with BlackBerry 10 kicking iOS and Android to the side.

Should I get the new BlackBerry?

Yes, you should. I”m telling you, you”ll love it. It has an amazing User Interface and the OS is extremely fast. But don”t take my word for it, go to your local Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile Store to check it out. Let me know what you think!

What makes the BlackBerry different from iOS or Android?

Well, the BlackBerry is extremely unique. BB10 is a brand new platform that incorporates the traditional BlackBerry experience while meeting the 21st Century Smartphone “requirements.” Many people have said that it looks like an iPhone, but operates like a Blackberry.

Written on my BlackBerry Z10 on the Verizon Wireless Network 

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  • Thank you for the recommendation. i love blackberry and have been a faithful user for the past 3 years. People are worried about what is in and simple things like social apps. Blackberry is definitely the best phone for business and professionals.

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